Our Values

Safety: We are committed to the physical and emotional well being of our students. From the design of our facilities to the training of our staff, safety is a fundamental element to every aspect of our center.

Growth: Developing skills, knowledge and values in our children is the cornerstone of all of our activities. We continually strive to foster skills and aptitudes that will improve the future for each and every one of our students, both in their studies and in life.

Respect: We recognize the intrinsic value of every individual, regardless of age, race, religion or nationality. This is reflected in everything we do and stand for.

Trust: We realize the value and importance of trust and we're committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Parents, children and the community as a whole can count on us to uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Teamwork:We encourage the relationship between parents and educators as a way to maximize the development of our children. The interaction between parents and our staff helps create an atmosphere of openness and transparency as well as a sense of continuity between what's taught at school and learned at home.

Innovation: We are committed to utilizing the most advanced educational tools and methodologies for early learning. Innovation lies at the heart of FutureKidsand is a critical element in the development of our students. We embrace science and technology to create a fun and age appropriate early learning experience.

We are located at...

5765 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, FL 33465
Phone: (561) 432-7887 -Test

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