Although the program varies from class to class to reflect the age and interests of children and each teacher's style, a basic philosophy remains constant throughout the Future Kids Curriculum.

As part of our "learn by playing with science” philosophy, we believe in helping each child to develop social, emotional, intellectual, creative and physical skills through literacy, mathematics, science and technology domains.

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Future Kids focuses on providing meaningful language and literacy experiences to our children in every part of the daily routine.

According to research, children who are exposed to interactive literacy-rich environments with many opportunities to learn language will develop early literacy skills. We promote early literacy through fun, verbally stimulating and print-rich classrooms that offer children plenty of opportunities for developing language and literacy skills.

Brain development research indicates that reading aloud to children every day increases their brain’s capacity for language and literacy skills; and, is the most important activity that builds the understanding and skills needed to prepare them for learning to read.  Our goal is to expand children’s vocabularies, and to help them develop a curiosity about, and desire for, reading.

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Music and art are an integral part in the formation of our children. Together with other areas of development, they contribute to the formation of convictions, values, feelings, imagination, and mental processes such as memory and attention among others, and foster joy by increasing their emotional states.

Music is present at FutureKidsseveral times each day. It is vital to expose children to various forms of culturally diverse music and art to stimulate brain synapses and help them to develop concentration, coordination and relaxation.


We use the project approach as methodology that offers many forms of educational interaction with people, objects and their environment to our children. Using the project approach, our children learn through activities which provide a context for literacy, math, science and other skills, engaging the lessons, themes and structured activities.

The project approach is an ideal complement to the formal and informal parts of our curriculum. It provides children with opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they are developing, while emphasizing intrinsic motivation and stimulating their natural curiosity.

We know that young children are natural experimenters and testers. As “young scientists”, they explore the totally new world using the same processes that adult scientist use: observing, classifying, predicting, experimenting, arriving at conclusions, and communicating ideas.

All areas of our center are stocked with science-related materials, not only the science area. Our “young scientists” discover how things work and what makes things happen. Like their adult counterparts, “young scientists” are eager to communicate their findings and share their explanations. As they do this, they use their emerging skills in language, literacy, mathematics and representation.

Our teachers are trained to develop science-oriented learning activities, as well as to recognize and build on the scientific behaviors that naturally arise as children play and explore indoors and outside.


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